Eyes on: Kodak Tri-X

I have finally shot a roll of the much celebrated Kodak Tri-X film stock, and I am happy to say that I like its look.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tri-X, it is an ISO 400 film that provides a look that most people associate with traditional black and white photography. Unlike with Kodak’s fine grained TMAX films, you can easily see the film’s grain when using Tri-X.

I personally find film grain much more aesthetically pleasing than digital noise, and Tri-X’s look has cemented it as one of my favourite films.

I have decided that, when shooting 35mm anyway, I will stick to using ISO 400 films as they provide the best combination of flexibility and noise. They allow me to shoot in a variety of different conditions (particularly indoors), and they aren’t so grainy that I cannot make larger prints.

As I write this, I am on my way to pick up prints from my first roll of Ilford FP4 125, so expect to see a similar impressions post soon.

P.S. Why does Flickr reverse the order of photos between sets and the Photostream? It makes setting the order of photos very frustrating because you cannot maintain the same order in both places.

photographyAbir Chowdhury