Contents under pressure

Week three of semester has barely begun, and it’s already crunch time. Written assessments are due soon, and I’ve got a Media Law group presentation next week.

I’m already behind in my subject readings, but I am confident that I will catch up despite also juggling writing news and finishing my belated Thief review.

And to top it all off, I’m broke again due to some unforeseen university expenses (and my canalphones failing). I’ve officially ruled that textbooks are a waste of money, and will now opt to photocopy any pages required from next semester onwards.

Seriously, I don’t understand how some people can keep their textbooks for an entire career as a resource; most of my textbooks are deemed unusable after only one edition.

Anyway, I’ve gotten my hands on a new pair of canalphones to replace my HiFiMAN RE-0s that now only output sound via the right canalphone. I’m not going to blame it on shoddy build quality or anything since the pair lasted about seven months (with substantial use) and only cost me $40. After considering full-sized headphones, I’ve opted to purchase a pair of HiFiMAN RE-400s as it has received rave reviews and reportedly competes with models two or three times its $109 price tag.

Having listened to them for a few hours, I can truly say that this is a brilliant pair of ‘phones. I’ll make a separate post with my impressions soon, but for now I’ll just let this tweet sum up how I feel about my purchase:

I look forward to posting again later this week with another review under my (still in need of shrinking) belt.

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