Getting things going again

I dropped off a roll of film to get processed today, specifically, a roll of Kodak Portra 160 120 film. While this piece of information may not appear to be a significant development, it signifies the fact that I am back to shooting more regularly.

I’m genuinely excited to see the shots from this roll too, as it contains the first batch of images I shot using my Pentacon Six medium format camera following my test roll.

I would also like to apologise, yet again, for my lack of activity since my last post. I know I promised to post more, and I will. In addition to the aforementioned roll, I’m two-thirds of the way through another of the 35mm variety, with the shots taken on it so far being of the cats at the newly-opened Melbourne Cat Cafe.

It was so wonderful seeing all those cats looking comfortable, and safe; especially since my own cat, Tiger, was walking the streets of Geelong in the freezing cold of winter before I adopted him.

Some of those cats were really photogenic, with one of them even posing for me, and looking at me like, “dude, how long am I supposed to hold this position for?”

I honestly think that everyone should go, and check it out if you’re in town; whether or not you own a cat yourself. These guys are just a bunch of cool kitties hanging out, and they’re sure to make you smile no matter what mood you arrive with.

P.S. I just realised that my theme frames all of the posts in such a way, that all of the image posts look like Polaroid snaps. Awesome!